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About Us


About Us

Welcome to Hitch A Hike Expeditions.

Who We Are ?

We are a young Kenyan-based travel company based in the capital, Nairobi. We pride ourselves on delivering affordable and efficient travel packages based on our client’s needs. The custom travel package ranges from students to high-end clients to budget clients. It consists of holiday homes, hotels or camping bookings, Adventure destinations, and cultural trips to appreciate diversity.

We also offer advice on amazing hotels, resorts, best flights, adventurous vacation destinations and rentals, budget travel packages, Team dynamics, and other exciting fun activities! 


Our Services

Check out the services we offer.


Our Services

Check out the services we offer.


Hotel Booking

Best rates guaranteed when you book your holiday with us.We have pre-negotiated the best rates with Hotels around East Africa.


Our team of dedicated staff offer the Best outdoor fun activities (hiking,camping,game drives,nature walks,etc ) during our adventure travels in East Africa opening up to the world.

Flight Bookings

Our ticketing team is robust and quick to support your travel bookings guaranteeing quality services,fair pricing and all done on time.

Team Dynamics

Working with teams in organizations and groups to encourage trust and improve productivity by enhancing teamwork.Your A-Team awaits you!

Group Travel

A cheaper way of exploring the world as it pool resources and distributes them among the attending members.This helps with self actualization,improves social skills and encourages networking.You might find your soulmate too!

Our Awards

Here are some of the awards we have received.